Sunday, 17 November 2013

Christmas Lights

It might be November but the shops are full of Christmas lights. 

For about two years now I have been looking for some lights to go in my room all year round and this year I have seen loads of Christmas lights that are perfect for this. 

My room is a vintage, shabby chic style so I wanted something cream and detailed, so when I saw these I had to buy them. These lights are cream rattan style hearts and £12 in Wilkinson's in the Christmas section and would look incredible on the tree too. But for now they are in my room. I had some lights from years back that broke so I wrapped the new lights in with them and I think they look great. What do you think?

Have you got any lights in your room? Let me know in the comments. 


P.S. Today I reached 20 followes. 20 of you reading my blog who I don't even know which might not be anything to you but it makes me super happy so thank you!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Top 25 Pandora Charms

My favourite pandora charms

Oh my, it's nearly Christmas! 

Last year I was lucky enough to get a Pandora bracelet and two charms. I have been having a look at what charms to put on my list and what charms I could buy my family and these where my favourites.

Pandora have a new collection called essence which look stunning but they are smaller so only fit on the new bracelet they have released which is such a shame because they are stunning, ho-hum.  

Have you got a Pandora bracelet or any of the charms above? Which are your favourite? Let me know in the comments. 


Monday, 11 November 2013

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick Review

I was asked on my recent 'Latest Beauty Buys' post (read that here) to write a review on my Kate Moss lipstick in shade 101 by Rimmel. I hope you get a better insight about this well talked about product.   

Oh My Goodness girls, I am so impressed with this lipstick. Firstly, it smells beautiful. I can't quite pin point what it smells like but its a fruity, berry kind of smell, mmm. It also feels lovely on your lips, I know that sounds odd but it doesn't have that horrible texture or taste to it which so many lipsticks sadly do. 

Before I even mention the beauty of the packaging, let me tell you that this product is highly pigmented and applies really easily. It stays on for a long time and stays in place. The matte finish makes it great for a more natural look but also for a more made up look. It just works. 

The bottom line is I will defiantly be buying this lipstick again and will certainly be trying out the other shades in the collection. This lipstick is 100% my favourite lip product that I own. 

Have you given any of the Kate Moss lipsticks a go? What colour is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.


Friday, 8 November 2013

Barry M Matte Nail Varnish Review

I was recently ask to review my new matte nail paint by Barry M in shade 338, Vanilla on my 'Latest Beauty Buys' (click here for a nosy at that). I have only worn it once admittedly, but as a fan of Barry M nail varnish I was won over by the thought of a new range by them. 

I have recently used some of there Gelly nail varnishes from Barry M which I found latest longer without chipping than any other range from any brand that I have tried before and I truly couldn't fault it.  

I was quite surprised and how 'matte effect' this nail varnish really was, they really do the job. It has no glitter or full shine to it but it does reflects the light. Its a very simple colour to wear and goes with everything, very much perfect for this time of year as are the other shades in the collection. 


Its only fault so far has been that the nail varnish has chipped quite quickly. Despite this little complaint, I would defiantly buy the other shades and recommend them for winter. I always think Barry M products are well priced and do what they say on the tin and this doesn't fail to meet that. 

Have you tried any of the Barry M Matte shades or found any winter-perfect colours from any other brands? Let me know in the comments.


Thursday, 7 November 2013

Latest Beauty Buys

I didn't realise quite how long it had been since I last typed a post on what beauty items I have been buying. I haven't done any huge beauty hauls as such but I have bought a few odd bits over the past few months from Boots and Superdrug. 

Let me know if you want a review written on any of the products above. 
What have you been buying beauty wise recently? Let me know in comments. 


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The A-Z Of Me Tag

Hello, I thought it was about time you got to know the girl behind the blog. I have seen this tag on so many blogs so I though I would give it a whirl.  

Age: 15

Bed size: Double

Chore you hate: There are so many but hoovering especially

Dogs: I love all dogs! I have never had a day without owning a dog and hopefully never will

Essential start to the day: Once I have walked the dog, gone for a swim or done some yoga I feel much more awake

Flats or heals: Flats because i'm really tall but I do love heals

Gold or Silver: I really love gold at the moment but I'm more of a silver kind of gal

Height: about 6', yes I'm rather tall

Instruments you can play: can't play a thing but I wish I could play the guitar

Job title: Full time nightmare? Last year at high-school but I work every other Saturday in a dog groomers

Kids: I'm only 15 so not yet!

Live: Essex in England

Must-have beauty item: My concealer, if i'm just going to the corner shop I will always have that on

Nickname: Potty Lottie and CharChar 

Oldest friend: Annabel or Luke probably

Pet peeve: Rudeness. A smile or a thank you costs nothing

Quote you love: Mankind shouldn't be afraid of dying, but of not living 

Right or left handed: right handed

Siblings: none, I'm an only child 

Time you wake up: anytime really but 7:30 on a week day mostly 

Unrequited love: trash TV

Vegetables you dislike: green beans!

What makes you late: makeup, fashion and an over attachment to my bed

X-rays you've had: teeth, knee and ankle I think

Yummy food you make: cake and biscuits

Zoo animal: giraffes because they are really tall like me (wow, that sounds like something a 5 year old would say)

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this and feel you know me a bit better. Let me know if you have done this tag or let me know two things about yourself in the comments. 

Love Charlotte

Monday, 4 November 2013

Winter Wishlist

. 1 stippling brush . 2 rhinestone collar shapes necklace . 3 fiji nail polish .  4 snow in love candle . 5 key necklace

It's beginning to look and feel a lot like winter so I thought I should have a go at writing a Christmas list and I thought I'd share my top five 'stocking stuffer' scale items. My very favourite though, is number 5 which I found on etsy.

What's on your winter or Christmas wishlist? Let me know in the comments.

Love Charlotte

P.S. Wondering where I have been? All explained HERE.

Lacking a Laptop

It seams crazy when I think back to about 11 years ago and remembering not having a computer in the house. How did we cope? 

Two weeks ago I was writing a blog post (which will be up later) and my computer decided it was going to crash and never turn on again! After being told it would be a £300 bill to fix it we went in search for a new laptop. With only my phone for Internet I have had no way of writing a decent post.
Well it has now been nearly two weeks on and I am tip-tapping away on my shinny new laptop.

How have you been? Any computer catastrophes to share? Let me know in the comments.

Love Charlotte 

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate It's the Little Things
picture from pinterest
So, I have a horrible cold and am snuggled up in bed with hot chocolate and Freddie the dog laying on the end of my bed for company. I have been planning a few blog posts for you all as soon as I can. 

What do you like to read? Beuaty, life, fashion, fitness or other blog posts? Let me know.

Love Charlotte 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Let's catch up...

It feels like forever since I last posted on here so I thought I would update you on what has been going on.

My mum had to be rushed into hospital for an operation (shes doing fine and is home now) so I have had to take responsibility for looking after her, the house and Freddie the dog leaving no time for blog land. I have also been very busy doing course work and studying for mocks as well as having to tackle my own demands as I have had to ask people to help out and had to do things I wouldn't normally do which I really struggle with as I am a full time professional at being worried and stressing over stupid things, but that is for another post. 

Hope you are all still reading and understand why I have abandoned my blog so much lately. I promise to blog when I have a chance.

Love Charlotte

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


These past two days I have have become slightly very addicted to pinterest. I had never got into it before but yesterday it suddenly dorned on me that I had been sitting on it for over an hour and ever since I have become hooked. There are so many pretty things and ideas on there. 

I started by typing in something like 'vintage home' and from there I found myself looking and Christmas decor and cake before I knew it. 

Pictures from on of my boards 
Have you got pinterest? Leave me a link so I can see what you have been loving on pinterest in the comments.

If anyone is interested in my pins click HERE.


Monday, 16 September 2013

100 Days Until Christmas

I'm not even sorry for bringing up the topic of Christmas so early this year. I never really get that excited about Christmas but this year, I just can't wait. I plan to be a bit thrifty and look for a few bargains as well as plan in advance a rough idea of what I want to get each person and sort out my budget. I am going to really miss summer but I thought I might as well embrace all things winter and Christmas this year and just make the best of it.  

Friday, 13 September 2013

Autumn Wish List

In the past few days it has been very rainy here in England and the signs of Autumn are beginning to show, but on the plus side I am really loving some of the autumn trends this year.

. ASOS Four Pocket Utility Jacket in Khaki . ASOS Smock Dress In Mono CheckRiver Island Ace Of Spades JumperASOS Shirt Dress In Check And SpotNew Look Aztec Fairisle Onesie ASOS Popper Front Skater Mac .

1) The first one is a khaki coloured, light weight looking coat. This also comes in colour denim but I would prefer the khaki coloured coat as its a bit more casual looking. It looks really comfy for autumn and is priced at £42 so should be good quality.

2) Tartan is ment to be very in this autumn and winter and I really like it in the white and black rather that traditional red. I think at £25 I will seriously think about buying this as it looks similar in shape to an other dress I own (from topshop) which I find really comfy but completely different in pattern. 

3) My third pick stood out to me as something a bit different than just a plain comfy round neck jumper and is priced at £30.

4) I really like this shape of shirt dress but I'm not sure how it would look on me. This one is a tad on the higher price at £55. I saw Victoria Beckham was wearing a dress of this shape and thought it looked so nice, what do you think?

5) I'm still yet to own a onzie and if I got one I would love one just like this so its great for autumn as well as winter priced at £22.99.

6) Finally I saw this cute skater style coat which would suit a lot a figures but at £60 I won't be getting it anytime soon.

Have you found any good autumn wear? Let me know in the comments.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Where Have You Been?

Hello everyone, for those of you who noticed I haven't blogged much lately and for that I'm sorry.

I haven't blogged because things have been rather hectic in my little world lately and I haven't had time to think what I want to blog about let alone time to sit down and write it. I'm determined to get back to my normal posting routine as much as I can. I will also get back on twitter and instagram in the next few days as that has been abandoned somewhat too. 

Monday, 19 August 2013

Etsy Wishlist

Hello everyone, with my mums birthday coming up I have been scouring the internet for ideas and found most on Etsy. I have loved this website since I have found it and am hugely excited to receive my orders later this week. Of course I'm only human so a few hours later I thought I might just share with you some of the best things I have found on there that I would really rather like. 

1) Ever since I first saw one of these I really wanted one! Everyone loves chocolate and this just makes it look even more delicious. 

2) Lauren advertises on my blog and hand makes this and other similar items. I love anything a bit different when it comes to jewellery. 

3) Anyone watch Big Bang Theory on E4? Well if you do this cushion might makes sense to you. It has been an on going joke between me and some family members for years now as everyone has a slight bit of Sheldon to them.

4) I love Cath Kidson mugs and own some myself. I also love candles so this seams next to perfect for me. Once the candle has been used you can wipe it out and use it for its original use. 

5) Who doesn't try to work out what they have been bought before they are aloud to open it. This bag just bought a smile to my face. Need I say anymore. 

6) How beautiful is this bag. Its so simple but something inside me is telling me to buy it!

Have you found anything on Etsy recently? Let me know in the comments.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Real Techniques: Starter Set Review

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed yesterdays post on the core collection (click here if you missed it) so today, as promised, I am reviewing the Starter set by Real Techniques. 

Rather alike the core collection brushes I have been loving using the starter set. All the brushes are very easy to use, are very soft and all give a very floorless look. 

Base Shadow Brush:
The base shadow brush is great and as it says on the tin (or in this case on the brush) it is for putting your base eye shadow on. It apply's the eye shadow giving an even and floorless look.

Deluxe Crease Brush:
The deluxe crease brush gets right into the outer crease of your eye an contours so easily. I also use this brush for blending the darker colour in my crease with the lighter colour on my lid. 

Accent Brush:
This brush is a real multi-use brush. It is great for creating a smokey eye, applying eye shadow against you lash line and for fixing up you eyeshadow. 

Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush:
This brush is great for applying eyeliner on you water and also lash line for both a subtle and a dramatic look. I also use this to apply black or brown eye shadow under my eye by my waterline for volume.

Brow Brush:
This brush is the most perfect shape for defining your eyebrows effortlessly.

These brushes are really great for both simple and complex eye looks. I would recommend these brushes as you get an eyeliner brush, a brow brush and three other brushes for eye shadow. 

Have you tried this or another set by Real Techniques? Let me know in the comments.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Real Techniques: Core Collection Review

Hello everyone, today I thought I would review my Real Techniques core collection. I mentioned my new real techniques brushes in my resent boots haul (which you can click here to read) and said that I would do a review on both the core collection and the starter set. I thought I would start off with the core collection today and the other review will be up tomorrow. 

So far I have been loving using this set of brushes. They are so easy to use and are so soft on your skin. When you apply foundation they leave no streaks and create a totally even and natural looking coverage. 

They also come with a free panoramic case that you can use to keep your brushes safe and can also be used as a stand. It also has space for other brushes.

I also love that Sam Chapman has done online tutorials on how to use the brushes in different ways in step-by-step tutorials (click here to see them)

All the brushes are made for doing a certain part of your makeup but are also sometimes great for others.

Buffing Brush:
I have found the buffing brush perfect for applying powder aswell as to apply foundation and for going over my bronzer and blusher so it looks more natural. 

Contour Brush:
The contour brush is also great for applying foundation but I have found is best for applying bronzer and blusher. 

Pointed foundation Brush:
This brush is great for around the nose and eyes for blending in both concealer and foundation. 

Detailer Brush:
I have found the detailer brush great for tackling any spots and also for blending in the foundation around my inner eye area. It is also really useful for defining your lips. 

I would highly recommend this product to and one who wants a floorless makeup look that is easy to create. 

I hope I have given you a further in-site on the Core Collection brushes. 

Have you tried them or written a review on them? Let me know in the comments.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Boots Haul

Yesterday I went to boots and although I only went in for a few things I got more than I planned and spent more than I should have.

Todays buys

First off I headed for Barry M to get a Gelly nail paint as you lovely people had all raved about it as did many other beauty people online. When I got there they were on buy one get one half price so of course I bought two. I bought 319-pomegranate and 327-dragon, which I think is a rather odd name but the colour is lovely so I went for it.

The pomegranate one is quite self explanatory as it is a dark pink near red colour. Dragon however is not; I would say it is a candy pink/light barbie pink type colour.  

Next up I went to the Maybelline section and bought my fit me concealer in shade 10, this is the third one I have bought and I love it as much now as I did when I bought the first one. 

I also bought Maybellines Dream Touch Blush in shade 02. I went for this as I already have quite red checks so I just wanted something to even it out. 

Then I caught a glimpse on the Maxfactor products and bought there powder in shade 05, translucent which I have used ever since I started wearing makeup and I was running low on. Its great to stop the horrible shine from concealer and foundation and gives a natural, lasting coverage.  

Sorry, what ever I tried I couldn't get it without the horrible
reflection with my basic camera.

Then Rimmel's bronzing powder looked quite nice so I thought I would give it a go as I have never really used a bronzer.

I then went on the look for a new makeup remover and came across this 2in1 from Garnier which claims to remove makeup and also target imperfections.

And then I walked past the Real Technique brushes. As always, I tried not to look but when I saw they were on buy one get one half price meaning I would save £11, they jumped into my shopping basket and never looked back. I wanted the core collection and planned to hold off until christmas when I knew I could ask for them or spend christmas money on and then at some other point save up for the starter set. 

As you can see in the picture I quickly tried some of the core collection brushes and I can't wait to give them all a go now. 

I'm planning to do a Real techniques review in the next few weeks once I have given them all a fair try.

Have you bought any beauty items recently? Let me know in the comments.  

P.S. Let me know any posts you would like to see soon it the comments.